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2014-10-20 02:07:59 / Author Views 1452Total views: 1452 / 7Views for 7 days: 7 Count photos 5
Looks like a giant, moves like a snake--that is the very thing that defines Toyota Tundra. This mean-looking full-size pickup truck is the first of its kind to be built by a Japanese manufacturer. The glitzy video shows...
2014-10-20 00:36:10 / Author Views 4511Total views: 4511 / 8Views for 7 days: 8 Count photos 16
Toyota Altezza Not one, not two, but three Toyota Altezza racing down the track and drifting towards the edge of the screen. It a sight to savor! These red beauties are worth looking for over and again. Later renamed as Lexus...
2014-10-19 21:15:06 / Author Views 33934Total views: 33934 / 12Views for 7 days: 12 Count photos 17
    Drift videos have become very common these days. The popularity of these videos, besides the obvious coolness of the  act, lies in the fact that many people are now getting attracted to motor sports. This video is a...
2014-10-18 11:02:42 / Author Views 2084Total views: 2084 / 4Views for 7 days: 4 Count photos 11
toyota 4Runner   This may look like it can talk the talk, but can the 4Runner walk the walk, or more specifically slide the slope as it tries to prove its off-road abilities The photo above shows the clean and crips looking...
2014-10-17 15:03:57 / Author Views 3946Total views: 3946 / 16Views for 7 days: 16 Count photos 10
Toyota being the most ideal brand of automobiles has always launched something exciting and appealing in terms of performance as well as interiors and exteriors. In the same way, the video being posted above also features the Toyota...
2014-10-14 00:50:36 / Author Views 9101Total views: 9101 / 2Views for 7 days: 2 Count photos 6
The Toyota Coaster is looking better than ever The set below showcases the classic white Toyota Coaster, following on from the 2007 facelift and still continuing to look good. Surprisingly the heavily tailored shots actually manage to include an action shot of a bus, something we...
2014-10-13 14:33:30 / Author Views 2204Total views: 2204 / 11Views for 7 days: 11 Count photos 8
A subcompact car by the renowned Japanese manufacturer, Nissan Tiida is the prime vehicle in its category. Also marketed as Nissan Versa in United States, Dodge Trazo in some parts of South America, this car truly has the...
2014-10-12 05:12:30 / Author Views 2972Total views: 2972 / 1Views for 7 days: 1 Count photos 9
This is probably the most brutal destruction of a Toyota I have ever seen. From the side this looks fairly bad, but the front slow-motion view shows the true carnage of the crash. The poor dummy flies face first...
2014-10-11 22:40:08 / Author Views 1866Total views: 1866 / 5Views for 7 days: 5 Count photos 6
Toyta Verso is surely a vehicle that won’t leave its passengers or drivers unhappy, well, except maybe for the guy in the video there. It offers a lot of room inside the vehicle, it’s quiet, and well, it attracts...
2014-10-11 20:25:19 / Author Views 3669Total views: 3669 / 17Views for 7 days: 17 Count photos 6
Headlights have always been a the most common point of attraction in terms of the outlook of a vehicle and imagining a vehicle with the disco LED headlights seemed to be a dream before the launch of the...
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