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2015-03-25 06:15:45 / Author Views 2745Total views: 2745 / 31Views for 7 days: 31 Count photos 13
  Suzuki Fun The Suzuki Fun is a compact hatchback with three or five doors. So everybody can choose the best option for itself. It seems to look like a simple car, but the Fun has already established its own record!...
2015-03-23 23:27:59 / Author Views 812Total views: 812 / 6Views for 7 days: 6 Count photos 8
suzuki Equator Suzuki Equator is a large and tall pickup vehicle assembled by another Japanese manufacturer – Nissan. The car looks like an insignificant competitor to names like Hummer H3, Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram, yet it has beaten these...
2015-03-18 07:36:01 / Author Views 4693Total views: 4693 / 16Views for 7 days: 16 Count photos 23
suzuki Van Van Suzuki Van Van proves once again that the Japanese know their style better than anyone else. You might expect this modern motorcycle to look sporty, aggressive and bulky enough, yet it adopts a retro design. With all these,...
2015-03-14 18:06:25 / Author Views 1453Total views: 1453 / 8Views for 7 days: 8 Count photos 6
A lot of us dream about feeling the sheer power of a beast motorcycle like this Suzuki Hayabusa. Even when we wonder about it, however, we probably picture it slightly differently compared to how it turned out for...
2015-03-09 14:25:30 / Author Views 980Total views: 980 / 7Views for 7 days: 7 Count photos 12
suzuki GSX650F When you take a look at the Suzuki GSX650F, the whole design suggests power. A successor of Suzuki’s famous model the Katana, this model filled a void in 2008. It was a six-speed constant mesh model with a...
2015-03-04 05:51:02 / Author Views 1764Total views: 1764 / 23Views for 7 days: 23 Count photos 10
suzuki Boulevard C50 Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a new and modern name given to the classic Volusia - a motorcycle developed for a particular market only. The new name was upgraded in 2005 though. It was part of a rebranding strategy....
2015-02-07 19:05:11 / Author Views 1871Total views: 1871 / 18Views for 7 days: 18 Count photos 14
suzuki Access 125 Today many big cities and countries have problems with traffic on the streets in the world. Different automakers try to develop the models, what help to feel comfortable and mobile on the overcrowded streets. India is one of...
2015-02-05 18:19:49 / Author Views 3401Total views: 3401 / 7Views for 7 days: 7 Count photos 8
Vehicle is always a priority and a major asset of every individual; therefore there are always a number of matters that demand consideration in the context of owning them. Looking at the tiny treasure of Suzuki Splash you...
2015-02-05 01:29:58 / Author Views 1453Total views: 1453 / 4Views for 7 days: 4 Count photos 8
If you have dream, it is always better to realize it in the company of your best friends! Nobody else will support you in such a special, but so friendly way… Your dudes could cry, could scold you...
2015-02-03 21:17:20 / Author Views 2350Total views: 2350 / 19Views for 7 days: 19 Count photos 8
The Suzuki Access 125 is a scooter of a Japanese design. So it has a simple, compact design on the whole but includes several additional features. On October 2013, in collaboration with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's Being Human...
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