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Renault Sandero is mostly known around a few countries from South Africa and America, as well as one major European country – Russia. In most other parts of the world, it is known as Dacia Sandero. The fancy...
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Renault has been one of the top players in the auto world for quite some time now. They don't get to be the top player in their market for just nothing. The way they have innovated the technology...
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If you want to see one of the craziest designs, then you must check out this Renault Twizy. It’s a two-passenger electronic vehicle, which has the maximum range of 100 kilometers. And even though it looks different, people...
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Adore such advertisements, both clever and funny! The narrative is simple: a man, after working late in office, comes out tired and enters the Renault Latitude. Slowly, he begins to relax in his car by using all the different...
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A Beauty Just Like Its Owner - the Renault Floride According to the legend, Grace Kelly loved to drive her Renault so much that her heels actually left a mark on the mat of the car (her fatal accident...
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This is quite a romantic and heart touching commercial of Renault Twingo that shows a man and a woman encounter each other at a signal. They find their perfect moment but also go way ahead in their imaginations,...
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Built during the '50s and the '60s, Renault Dauphine came in one body shape variant only. The four door sedan was actually a mini vehicle with a very small engine, excellent for urban uses. It was assembled on...
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renault Avantime It must be quite a difficult task for the cameraman to hold the camera still as a talented driver speeds it up insanely. It comes as a surprise that a car of this size and modest body can...
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Renault Logan is what we call a complete car with packages to entertain you just the way you want. From enjoying your favorite music to watching movies in HD on the built-in LCD in the car, there’s plenty...
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The Renault 5 is a supermini with a front-wheel drive, what was presented to public in 1972. The Renault company launched a new model of this hatchback in 1985, and it became more popular, because this car differed...
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renault Duster:  the new concept of off-road driving
renault Duster: the new concept of off-road driving

Renault Duster or the Dacia Duster is a compact SUV, produced by the Renault. Taking into account the word Duster...

Tit for Tat with Renault Safrane
Tit for Tat with Renault Safrane

The video features a tit for tat scenario where the car and the person driving have been attacked by the...

Renault Twizy Pushing For A Healthy Environment
Renault Twizy Pushing For A Healthy Environment

Renault Twizy might be the ideal urban car. It is electric and has two seats one behind the other. It...

Renault Rodeo - A top car in a list of open top cars
Renault Rodeo - A top car in a list of open top cars

Renault Rodeo an open top car know top in the list of its family. Comes with the three doors; two...

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