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2015-02-04 22:58:22 / Author Views 7164Total views: 7164 / 5Views for 7 days: 5 Count photos 13
honda CB450 It is not a sports bike, but it could easily demonstrate about 100 mph. And speaking honestly, Honda CB450 is too crazy for being a mad race bike only on the city roads. Its double overhead cam engine...
2015-02-04 11:01:41 / Author Views 2856Total views: 2856 / 29Views for 7 days: 29 Count photos 12
honda Silver Wing What is your first association, when you hear about silver wings? Of course, it is fast and dizzy flight! The Honda corporation gives you a chance to try the real flight with the help of the new Honda...
2015-02-03 23:01:17 / Author Views 4240Total views: 4240 / 12Views for 7 days: 12 Count photos 14
honda Integra Only in such way it is possible to describe this sports coupe! This is like the picture from your favorite computer game: a wide street in the night lights, loud music around, the clouds of smoke under car’s...
2015-02-03 19:10:40 / Author Views 5592Total views: 5592 / 25Views for 7 days: 25 Count photos 7
Have you ever had a feeling that the wild heart lives inside you? Would this stranger like to leave calm and comfortable everyday life and go discovering the world? Maybe you never let yourself trying another life, but...
2015-01-30 01:48:08 / Author Views 1432Total views: 1432 / 3Views for 7 days: 3 Count photos 7
Have you ever heard anything more exciting than rhythms of rock? Nothing could get our spirit higher as a really strong soundtrack can! When it comes to the new Honda Odyssey commercial, a hard rock soundtrack is combined...
2015-01-29 23:32:42 / Author Views 2958Total views: 2958 / 10Views for 7 days: 10 Count photos 8
This is a really funny commercial of Honda City which features a lot of embarrassing moments people have to face. However, the message that is delivered through this ad is that when you have Honda City, you never...
2015-01-25 19:27:15 / Author Views 2160Total views: 2160 / 11Views for 7 days: 11 Count photos 9
What is the biggest problem of the life in a big city? Did you ever notice that you have space not enough? You feel especially so in the public transport! The Honda City will help you to solve...
2015-01-24 03:29:46 / Author Views 950Total views: 950 / 2Views for 7 days: 2 Count photos 7
Oh, they almost got me. Well, if Japan would not be one of those countries with the biggest environmental footprints. They are, so I did not really believe that the car was the real deal (ok, only for...
2015-01-23 17:41:46 / Author Views 2190Total views: 2190 / 9Views for 7 days: 9 Count photos 8
This is all engine and tires style of Honda CB450. This bike can be and has been transformed into any number to customizations quite easily. This bike model presented in a short video is the shape where one...
2015-01-19 15:32:21 / Author Views 1704Total views: 1704 / 1Views for 7 days: 1 Count photos 7
Conquerors and corsairs, come on! It's time to fight for the most precious vehicle offered by the most well-known makers of the automobiles. This bike is known to be the Honda Gold Wing, a super fast bike that...
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Honda Prelude showing off
Honda Prelude showing off

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Honda Zoomer - small-sized but high-speed!

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The Honda Hornet looking great on city roads

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You must see this new Honda CG commercial!
You must see this new Honda CG commercial!

We all know that Honda is capable of delivering us the best vehicular product it is, but their motorcycle manufacturing...

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