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Top 5 Cafe Racers on eBay This Week Introduction There is the broad variety of the most unusual cafe racers on the eBay for this week, in fact this is possibly the most fascinating thing yet - For devotees of American iron possibly there is the Panhead...
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The Coolest Crystal Honda Fit! It Tops EVERYTHING! Quick car checking? Sure thing! Always a tidy car boot with no garbage? Sounds perfect! And last, but not least, your Crystal Tuned Honda Fit looks like the Predator’s car, being nearly invisible against the background. C’mon, at...
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You Just Missed This Brand New 1985 Honda Civic with 0 KM for $7,000 You recognize the saying that if somewhat sounds very good to be exact, it possibly is?  Well, that is the main thing that arrives to mind when one hears of a very new 1985 Honda Civic with 0...
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Honda beat with simple yet graceful stance
Honda beat with simple yet graceful stance

A car should be trustworthy enough so that a driver could take it to any place he wants. Take a...

A fun pursuit on Honda Dio
A fun pursuit on Honda Dio

‘Live free with Honda Dio’ is a saying by Honda, and the bike truly lives up to this phrase.  This short...

Release the Honda Fury!
Release the Honda Fury!

Another brilliant motorcycle developed by Japanese company Honda, this time it’s a chopper and it’s a brilliant chopper too. The...

A new look at the Honda Mobilio
A new look at the Honda Mobilio

Designed for the rough streets of South Africa and India, this MVP has some might for its size.  Just take a...

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