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2015-08-20 12:25:41 / Author Views 4321Total views: 4321 / 9Views for 7 days: 9 Count photos 9
This adrenaline filled commercial is of Audi Quattro that fills one with joy and ecstasy and what’s admirable is the fact that the director has used his extensive creative skills here. The perspective of seeing things has been...
2015-05-24 03:31:18 / Author Views 1520Total views: 1520 / 5Views for 7 days: 5 Count photos 11
The Audi Nanuk Quattro Concept Is A V10 Diesel Offroading Demon Audi has revealed about its design concept for it’s another version Audi Nanuk Quattro vehicle. This vehicle seems to be the crossover or off-road version and also encompasses of sports version as well.  The dimensions of Audi Nanuk...
2015-05-23 06:32:44 / Author Views 4047Total views: 4047 / 5Views for 7 days: 5 Count photos 10
You Won't Believe Two People Survived Being Flattened In This Car Audi manufactures have come with plenty of luxurious and splendid vehicle that are highly famous for its lustrous and sleek design features in addition to that power-packed engine capacity. Now the Audi manufacturer has been coming up with a...
2015-04-26 16:54:08 / Author Views 3341Total views: 3341 / 1Views for 7 days: 1 Count photos 7
This video is as good as any stunt video can get. It’s Evil Knevil this time attempting to take a leap of faith or should we call a leap of death on his Audi RS 5 and the...
2015-04-08 06:23:46 / Author Views 4912Total views: 4912 / 2Views for 7 days: 2 Count photos 12
hight standards of Audi A3 elegance The Audi A3 is one of the well-known compact executive cars manufactured by Audi-the German automaker in the year 1996. hight standards of Audi A3 elegance This car can be distinguished as an amazing sedan with a great handling, upscale interior and some...
2015-04-02 10:35:00 / Author Views 1595Total views: 1595 / 1Views for 7 days: 1 Count photos 7
Audi R18 is not a street legal car. Instead, it was designed as a prototype, with the one and only purpose to compete at Le Mans. It is not the first car of this kind produced by Audi,...
2015-03-31 03:21:44 / Author Views 1716Total views: 1716 / 7Views for 7 days: 7 Count photos 9
Yes, it is quite natural to think of it as a fantasy car but brace yourself for Audi E-tron that has got everything to fascinate them in a matter of seconds. The art and innovation are at the...
2015-03-26 06:22:57 / Author Views 1336Total views: 1336 / 7Views for 7 days: 7 Count photos 6
The Audi S4 slides like a ski, hopefully only when you want it to! This no doubt visually impressive ad is trying to showcase the maneuverability of the Audi S4 by portraying the vehicle as if it’s a pair...
2015-03-17 18:39:22 / Author Views 5004Total views: 5004 / 1Views for 7 days: 1 Count photos 12
Enlightening ride with Audi A5 Cabriolet The ultimate top-down performance is here. The ultimate lighter drive is here. 2015 Audi A5 Cabriolet is one exquisite car that is stylish is design and sporty in performance. It does not elevate a drive, it enlightens a...
2015-03-13 11:12:16 / Author Views 3595Total views: 3595 / 1Views for 7 days: 1 Count photos 6
The executive Audi A5 is being produced since 2007, and the sales are just as high. The fancy coupe is one of the few models that can combine a sporty look with a top notch elegance in each...
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Audi A6 – A Speedy Black Beauty
Audi A6 – A Speedy Black Beauty

The makers of Audi have always blessed the world with the most happening automobiles and the Audi A6 is also...

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Audi A7 – Damage Worth the Stunt!

This vehicle is an entirely amazing ride which offers a lot of features being incorporated. Moreover, the vehicle being perfect...

Horrible Audi R10 crash! Must see!
Horrible Audi R10 crash! Must see!

You won’t see this kind of accidents every day. The unlucky driver of this Audi R10 didn’t control his vehicle...

Audi RS 4 fighting a duel!
Audi RS 4 fighting a duel!

A duel to the death! Car challenging and fighting! Have you ever seen that? If haven't, this footage is just...

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